TikTok for Business: Any Room for Large Corporations?

There are many ways to use TikTok for business, the key here is to establish and follow the right strategy for your business.

Is TikTok marketing good for business growth? Well, we're beyond that, now. In September of 2021, the platform reported that it had reached 1 billion monthly active users; and that, after just a few short years of existence.

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With that in mind, it only makes sense that small businesses and large corporations are now looking to capitalize on the new queen of social media. Companies that previously relied almost solely on Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms to promote their products or services now have access to an entire new way of marketing and showcasing their creative talents. And it shows.

But what about TikTok marketing for large corporations? Let us explain.

TikTok for Business: Leveraging it in the Corporate World

We've all seen the success stories of startups and e-commerce businesses using well-executed TikTok marketing campaigns to make their sales spike. But what about brand awareness and talent acquisition? Are big companies left behind in all that craze?

We're here to tell you; large corporations are jumping on the bandwagon, and they’re doing it fast… Sometimes even too fast, making costly mistakes along the way.

At ByMillennials, we make sure you don't end up being caught in the middle of an awkward situation like many others trying to jump on all the quirky trends floating around. Rather, we help you focus on the right trends, to achieve the right goals for your business.

And when it comes to TikTok for business, specifically in the corporate world, our strategy is two-fold. First, it's about building brand awareness, and from there, we pave the way to talent acquisition.

Almost 80% Of TikTok Users Are Younger Than 39

Yes, you read that right. Add to this the potential of viral exposure and you've got a winning recipe for any company looking to hire fresh, new talent.

In the United States, 60% of TikTok users are part of Gen Z–meaning they were born between the years 1997 and 2015. Counting roughly 74 million people in the US alone, this is the largest generation we've ever seen. Therefore, it shouldn't come at a surprise that Gen Z members will progressively become the trendsetters in many spheres of life moving forward.

Gen Z-ers are now the target audience of most hiring managers, and rightfully so. Depending on their age, most of them have either just joined the working force, or are about to do so.

But why does this matter? It matters because if you're looking to reach this group, TikTok is the place to do it.

TikTok Becoming a Prime Venue for Educational Content

While it may have first attracted popularity through its entertainment videos and dancing contests, the platform has rapidly grown into an oasis of diversified content, thus making it an incredibly valuable tool for business growth.

Professionals are now using TikTok to post highly digestible how-to videos that are no longer than your typical elevator pitch. TikTok forces creators to deliver high-quality content in bite-size pieces–a formula that has conquered the hearts of Gen Z-ers.

And that's where your brand and hiring manager come in. Because who's to say you can't use this format to create brand awareness and show your work environment around? In fact, many large corporations are doing just that.

Chipotle is just one example, using it as part of their strategy to hire 10,000 new employees. In August 2020, the company saw a 7% increase in job applications after posting their recruitment video on TikTok. So the numbers back the claim; it works.

Focusing on the Right TikTok Strategy for Your Company

Again, there are many ways to use TikTok for business, the key here is to establish and follow the right strategy for your business. A startup or an e-commerce business won't use the platform the same way a large corporation would, and that's the beauty of it. The audience is there, it's up to you to figure out how you're going to interact with them.

For your brand specifically, it might be best to work out a strategy around key HR team members giving out genuine advice and interview tips. Or perhaps providing guided tours of your facilities would be the way to go. There are many ways of leveraging TikTok to grow your business. And we're here to help.

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Once you've settled on a strategy, time to hit the ball running. Success with e-commerce on TikTok comes at a cost; consistency...