A growth of 180k+ followers in 12 months

Revive Superfoods
Revive Superfoods
Toronto, Canada
Food & Bev Subscription


In November 2020, ByMillennials was tasked to help Revive Superfoods reach 100k followers on Instagram.

By executing a unique social media strategy and leveraging our agency relationships with the Instagram team, we not only surpassed their target KPIs but also obtained the verified badge for their profile.

In 12 months we grew their IG following from 73,400 to 132,000 organically by dedicating 85 hours/month to posting once a day on their feed, interacting daily with their community and being active 6-7 times on IG Stories every day. We also provided roughly 50 hours of monthly strategist consultation for a 3-month period to help setup KPIS, OKRs and ensure those were met.

Through this growth, we encouraged the client to create a unique discount code for their Instagram followers, which generated over 575+ sales in a period of 5 months.


In an effort to standardize Revive Superfoods' social media authority across platforms, ByMillennials curated a short-form video content strategy to quickly grow RSF's following on TikTok.

Our team of in-house content strategists stays on top of trends to ensure our client's performance is maximized.

By combining a digital marketing strategy with our original content strategy and a $3,000 investment in TikTok Ads, we were able to grow their page by 30k+ followers in 28 days and boost their following from 0 to 50K followers in less than 3 months. Furthermore, thanks to our connection with TikTok Reps, we got the client verified on TikTok as well.


In addition to growing RSF's social media platforms, ByMillennials was tasked to dedicate 40 hours a month to create a content strategy that resonated with their audience on every social platform and to source the right content for UGC.

"Smart, strategic, thoughtful, insightful, and driven. ByMillennials play a huge role for us in driving KPIs and engagement." - Sundeep Parmar, Creative Director @ Revive Superfoods

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